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PRESS RELEASE: New Data Show Massive, Wider-than-Expected Global Gender Gap

For the first time, Women, Business and the Law analyzes not only the pace of legal reforms to create equal economic opportunities for women, but also countries’ efforts to implement those laws.

WATCH the WBL 2024 Launch Event

Watch the replay of our launch event for the Women, Business and the Law 2024 report and data. Key actors from multilateral organizations as well as from the public, private, and non-profit sectors will draw on the report’s findings and discuss ways to advance women's economic empowerment with legal, policy, and institutional reform.

When Women Win, the World Wins

Globally, women’s legal rights have improved markedly since 1970, as major reforms have dismantled a wide array of barriers that women face at all stages of their working lives. However, a massive global gender gap remains, and progress in many critical areas appears to have been overestimated.

It’s time to mobilize the economic power of women

Closing the gender gap in employment could increase long-term GDP per capita by about 20% globally. In their op-ed, Anna Bjerde & Indermit Gill reaffirm that the business case for gender equality in the workplace has never been stronger.

Filling the Gaps: Childcare Laws for Women's Economic Empowerment

This paper aims to provide global evidence on whether and what attributes of laws governing the provision of childcare services affect women's labor market outcomes.


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    Measuring the Legal Environment in Practice

    Women, Business and the Law 2.0 extends the measurement of the legal environment in practice to 190 economies, examining the existence of frameworks that support the implementation of the law and gauging experts’ opinions on the outcome of the law for women.

    Toward Available, Affordable, and Quality Childcare Services

    Women, Business and the Law 2.0 has expanded its data on the availability, affordability, and quality of childcare services to 190 economies and is presenting a stand-alone indicator on childcare.

    Women's Safety

    Women, Business and the Law’s new Safety indicator measures laws and policy instruments addressing four pervasive forms of violence against women: child marriage, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and femicide.

    Women with Disabilities

    WBL is collecting and analyzing data on the rights of women with disabilities under family law, labor law, and violence against women legislation.

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    Examining constraints on women’s freedom of movement.


    Analyzing laws affecting women’s decisions to enter and remain in the labor force.


    Measuring laws and regulations concerning job restrictions and the gender wage gap.


    Assessing legal constraints related to marriage.


    Evaluating laws affecting women’s work after having children.


    Examining constraints women face when starting and running a business.


    Analyzing gender differences in property and inheritance law.


    Assessing laws affecting the size of a woman’s pension.

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