Women, Business and the Law

Women, Business and the Law (WBL) measures gender inequality in the law. The dataset identifies barriers to women's economic participation and encourages the reform of discriminatory laws. Read more


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Going Places

Examining constraints on women’s freedom of movement.


Starting a Job

Analyzing laws affecting women’s decisions to enter and remain in the labor force.


Getting Paid

Measuring laws and regulations concerning job restrictions and the gender wage gap.


Getting Married

Assessing legal constraints related to marriage.


Having Children

Evaluating laws affecting women’s work after having children.


Running a Business

Examining constraints women face when starting and running a business.


Managing Assets

Analyzing gender differences in property and inheritance law.


Getting a Pension

Assessing laws affecting the size of a woman’s pension.


Tackling Childcare

This note showcases how different countries regulate private childcare services. It builds awareness of how quality childcare services are linked to women’s economic empowerment and identifies areas for reform.


Discriminatory Laws Against Women: A Survey of Literature

This working paper reviews the empirical literature on the impact of gender discriminatory laws on women’s outcomes across various domains constituting Women, Business and the Law’s measure of gender inequality.


Saving for Old Age

Differences women face in their working lives relative to men can result in unequal economic outcomes in retirement. This case study examines the gender gap in access to pensions.

Jun 25, 2018

Driving women’s economic empowerment through data and knowledge sharing

Women, Business and the Law works with civil society organizations in Africa to empower women on the ground through capacity building.


Women's Financial Inclusion and the Law

A case study examining how discriminatory laws can affect women’s demand for financial services.


Ending Violence against Women and Girls

Part of a series that assesses the role of laws and specific programs or interventions in ending violence against women.


Rita Ramalho

Senior Manager, Global Indicators Group

Tea Trumbic

Program Manager, Women, Business and the Law, Global Indicators Group

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