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Toward Available, Affordable, and Quality Childcare

The global childcare crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic revealed another aspect of gender inequality making the enactment of policies around availability, affordability and quality of childcare services a priority in achieving better market outcomes for women, children, and economies, as uneven recovery efforts continue.

Women, Business and the Law presents a novel and comprehensive pilot dataset on regulatory frameworks around availability, affordability, and quality of childcare services in 95 economies around the world. The new data is a stepping-stone in facilitating and informing policy dialogue around key demand and supply side avenues that limit or facilitate formal provision of childcare services, their affordability, quality, and uptake by parents. Pilot research presents a framework that shows a range of options that governments may support to meet the needs of working mothers and families although international best practice frameworks are yet to be established.

The team welcomes feedback on the methodology and construction of this set of indicators, and it looks forward to improving their coverage and scope. Comments can be offered by contacting the Women, Business and the Law team at

Last Updated: Mar 01, 2022