Women, Business and the Law

Local Experts in Djibouti

Listed below are those participants who agreed to be acknowledged by Women, Business and the Law.

Mohammed Abayazid
Cabinet Avocats Associés Djibouti Abayazid & Abdourahman
Croix de Lorraine, Djibouti P.O. Box 1740, Djibouti
Tel: +253 21 354 017
Ali Dini
Cabinet d'Avocat Ali Dini
Avenue Pierre Pascal, Djibouti Ville P.O. Box 2461, Djibouti
Tel: +253 21 350 124
Abdoulkader Hassan Mouhoumed
Université de Djibouti
Avenue Georges Clemenceau, Djibouti , Djibouti
Tel: +253 21 345 732
Zahra Youssouf Kayad