Women, Business and the Law

Women, Business and the Law (WBL) measures gender inequality in the law. The dataset identifies barriers to women's economic participation and encourages the reform of discriminatory laws. Read more


Despite Progress, Legal Barriers Remain Widespread

In its 5th edition, Women, Business and the Law introduces scoring to better inform the reform agenda. The report tracks progress made over the past two years and identifies opportunities to ensure economic empowerment for all. #WomenBizLaw #Get2Equal


Featured Report Topics


Accessing institutions

Examining women’s ability to make decisions and take advantage of economic opportunities.


Getting a job

Identifying restrictions on women’s work and the protections in place that enable employment.


Violence against women

Evaluating legislation protecting women and girls from violence and harassment.

Jun 25, 2018

Driving women’s economic empowerment through data and knowledge sharing

Women, Business and the Law works with civil society organizations in Africa to empower women on the ground through capacity building.


Women's Financial Inclusion and the Law

A case study examining how discriminatory laws can affect women’s demand for financial services.


Ending Violence against Women and Girls

Part of a series that assesses the role of laws and specific programs or interventions in ending violence against women.


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Program Manager, DEC Indicator Development

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Senior Private Sector Development Specialist

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