Women, Business and the Law

Topic Notes

Saving for Old Age

Differences women face in their working lives relative to men can result in unequal economic outcomes in retirement. This case study examines the gender gap in access to pensions

Women's Financial Inclusion and the Law

A case study examining how discriminatory laws can affect women's demand for financial services.

Closing the Gap: Improving Laws Protecting Women from Violence

Violence against women and girls can take many forms, from marrying off a girl before she is developmentally ready to direct physical or sexual abuse by a partner. Whatever the form of violence, all limit a woman’s opportunities and restrict her full participation in and contribution to society.

Mapping the Legal Gender Gap in Accessing Business Environment Institutions

In addition to the challenges that all entrepreneurs face in starting businesses, female entrepreneurs can face challenges in meeting the legal prerequisites before business registration.

Mapping the Legal Gender Gap in Using Property & Building Credit

When seeking a loan, women and men can encounter many obstacles when they do not possess the right types of assets to pledge as collateral. Two of the indicators examine some of the legal and regulatory prerequisites needed to access and leverage property as collateral and to build credit histories.

Mapping the Legal Gender Gap in Getting a Job

Women, Business and the Law’s getting a job indicator measures regulations affecting the formal private sector that differentiate between women and men that might affect women’s ability to get jobs. Some of these differentiations might help women work. Others might prevent it.